At Family Foot Clinic Ltd your appointment would include podiatric diagnosis, treatment and advice for prevention of your foot/lower limb pain and concerns.

Our patients tend to seek our expertise for lots of podiatric reasons;

  • foot/lower limb discomfort of all ages
  • medical conditions that put their feet at risk, i.e. diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis
  • difficulty seeing and/or bending to care for feet
  • corns, hard skin, verruca
  • childrens lower limb development and concerns
  • aches and pains in legs/feet during/after sports/physical activity
  • awkward/painful toenails, i.e. thickened, loose, ingrown
  • and many more.

Please feel free to contact our receptionist for more information.

No matter what age, from infant to over the age of 100, all patients and their concerns are unique. If you have any discomfort or worries regarding your feet/lower limb, it is a podiatrist who specialises in this area and would be able to help you.